☆ FAQ'S ☆

What is your shipping policy?
☆ ALL packages will be shipped with insurance and tracking numbers via USPS and because of this, once the package is picked up from me via the USPS mail person and the tracking number is given to you, I cannot be responsible for the package! So be sure to double-check that you have given me your 100% correct name and address upon ordering!

 Do you accept returns?
Due to the nature of the sets and the pandemic at hand, all sales are final, and I will not be offering returns or refunds of any kind. However, If there is an issue with your set, or there is something missing from your application kit, you can DM me directly @96nailz on Instagram or email Customerservice.96nailz@gmail.com!
What does the set come with?
Every set comes with an application kit that includes the following items:
KDS Nail Glue, a nail file, Double-sided cuticle pusher & Nail tabs!
How long will my set last?
With proper care your full set can last up to 4 weeks if not longer! It is extremely important to keep them clean and safe from harsh chemicals to ensure that they last a long time! 

How can I reuse my set?
Your nail set can easily be reused by simply making sure to clean off all residual glue and used nail tabs from the backs of all the nails before storing them away inside the box they came in!
(TIP: You can use the double-sided cuticle stick to help scrap off any glue you can't remove with your hands!)
What is “gal style” ?

What are all the other shapes?


ALL other shapes are in western/standard nail shape! All shapes are available in standard shape/style whereas with “gal style”, that can only be done once I’ve studied the technique and feel confident in my execution of each shape!